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Guillermo García

Hi! I’m Guillermo Garcia, a filmmaker specialized in aerial filming with drones. I studied and worked as a Software Engineer, but my passion for cinema and technology led me to explore the world of drones and discover their enormous potential to capture impressive images from the air.

Self-taught, I studied photography and audiovisuals as a hobby. As time went by, that hobby became my way of life.

As a filmmaker, I am passionate about travel and trying to tell, through images and videos, stories about what I feel or simply stories that can have a positive impact on people.

Through image and video, we can show realities that would otherwise go unnoticed and connect people from different cultures, languages and places. Every image and every video has the ability to convey a unique message, idea or emotion that can change the way we see the world.

I am one of those who thinks that we all have stories to tell, whether it is a brand that wants to share its message or a person that seeks to tell their own story. I’m here to help you achieve it, it’s time to share your story with the world.

Are you ready to bring your story to life?

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Photography and video are powerful means to capture moments, tell stories and connect with people’s emotions. Each image and each video has the capacity to convey a unique message, idea or emotion that can change the way we see the world.


Aerial drone filming has enormous potential to show the world in a different and creative way. From promoting tourist destinations to capturing sporting events, drones allow us to see the world from a perspective that was previously unthinkable.

Each shot allows us to discover new ways of seeing the world and create breathtaking visual content.


Each place we visit has its own history, its own culture and its own unique beauty that can take our breath away.

If you are planning your next adventure, do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to share with you my travel tips, recommendations and experiences to help you plan a trip that will take your breath away and make you discover the world in a unique and exciting way.