How drones are revolutionizing the way we travel

Walking through the mountains, feeling free, getting to know new cultures… I have always liked to travel, but since I entered the world of drones, I see everything in a different way. When I found out that I could explore these amazing landscapes from a whole new perspective, I knew I had to up the ante. This meant a revolution for me when it came to traveling and seeing the world. You want to know more? I invite you to stay with me.


Exploring the world from drones and heights

I studied computer science but photography has always fascinated me. However, it always felt to me like it wasn’t up to scratch or something reserved for professional filmmakers or photographers with access to expensive equipment and helicopters. However, everything changed when I had my first drone in my hands. It was like having a little piece of technological wizardry that allowed me to soar through the air and capture views that I had previously only seen in magazines or on the big screen.

Not everything was as easy as pressing a button and letting the drone work its magic. There were a few nervous moments on some risky shots or in difficult weather conditions, but with each flight, I grew more confident and realized that drones were like an extension of my eyes, taking me to places I never imagined being before.

When I go hiking or get lost in the mountains, I can’t help but take out the drone and see what the best shots might be. I even make an effort to watch the sunset or to see what light is best for what I want to do. This is incredible but at the same time dangerous because if you dedicate so much time to it, you don’t enjoy the place. That is also something I have learned.


A change in my life

Today, when I think about drones and travel, I can’t help but smile. They have transformed the way I explore the world, giving me an exciting new perspective. The places you already knew feel like completely new discoveries from the sky. My drone has become an inseparable companion on my adventures, and every time I take it up into the sky, I feel that same excitement and awe that I experienced the first time.

Without a doubt, drones have changed my life. When I discovered this world, flying was a dream, but now it is a reality that I want to keep living.

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