Madeira, a paradise in Europe

Bali experience just a few hours by plane from any European city! The island of Madeira is a gem, both for those seeking adventure and hiking and for those seeking sun and tranquility. Below I post here a video of what the island of Madeira means, with its incredible coasts and its mountains standing out among the clouds.

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Madeira is a Portuguese island located off the coast of Morocco and just above the Canary Islands. Due to its location, this island has a subtropical climate and an average temperature of about 22 degrees. So, you know, it’s an ideal place to escape the freezing winter and hot summer. Despite being a small island, Madeira has many microclimates and great diversity in its nature. In the southern part we can find a warmer and calmer climate and in the northern part there is usually more rain and wind. In the center of the island there are several mountain chains, among which the two highest points stand out; Pico Ruivo (1,862m) and Pico del Arieiro (1,818m).


How to go to Madeira?

To reach this small archipelago you can reach either by sea or by air to any of its two islands: Madeira or Porto Santo. There are a wide variety of European Airports that have direct flights to Madeira, but for price and schedules, the best options are to fly to Lisbon or Porto airports and from there fly to Madeira. It must be taken into account that Madeira Airport is one of the most dangerous in the world due to its location and climatic conditions. The weather on the island is very changeable and the winds are usually strong, so be prepared for possible cancellations. As a curiosity, airplane pilots must follow a special course to be able to land on the island and the landing is an exciting experience. It’s also something to enjoy!


Where to stay in Madeira?

Madeira has a wealth of alternatives and incredible places to stay. From luxury hotels to stately estates or apartments. Just below I will leave you a button that will take you to Visit Madeira, where you can find the accommodations that best suit what you are looking for.

As a personal recommendation, it all depends on the plan you have. The good thing is that in just over 1 hour you can travel around the island from end to end by car, so you can stay wherever you want. The first time I went to the island I stayed in Ribeira Brava, in an apartment called APATH-HOTEL VALE MAR. The next time we stayed in Santana, in a little house called A Toca and later at the Pestana Gran Ocean Resort Hotel, in Funchal. The three options were different but we really liked them all, both for the treatment and the quality of the facilities.


Madeira has bus services and there are travel agencies that have bus services or tours, but I recommend visiting the island freely by car and on your own terms. Without a doubt, it is the best way to get around Madeira if you want to reach every corner of the island. In just over an hour, you can go from end to end of the island and you can stop at incredible places with landscapes that will remind you of Jurassic Park. There are many car rental companies in Madeira, both in the capital and at the airport. The times I have traveled to the island I have always rented the car with a local company called Rentx Car Rental. The experience has always been very good and I have had no complaints, they also pick you up from the airport and take you there.


What stands out most about Madeira are its landscapes and hiking trails. This island has a wide variety of routes, of which the main ones are indicated with a “PR” at the beginning, such as PR1 Pico do Arieiro. There are many routes and many types. Flat routes, through the peaks, through the interior of the mountains… The most famous are PR1, PR6 and PR8, but I recommend taking a look at all of them. Below I leave you a link with 10 essential places to see in Madeira.

If you don’t like hiking, no problem! In Madeira there are many other activities that you can do, here are some of them:

Carnival and local festivals: At the end of February and beginning of March the Madeira Carnival takes place. It is an explosion of color, music and joy that captivates locals and visitors alike. It is distinguished by its float parades and its typical dances. In addition to Carnival, Madeira has many other festivities, such as the “Festa dos Compadres” of Santana, which marks the beginning of the Carnival itself. During this festival, locals elect two compadres to represent the community and lead the carnival festivities. The compadres, dressed in traditional costumes, are the center of attention and participate in various festive activities.

Traditional gastronomy: Madeira’s traditional gastronomy is a feast for the senses, combining authentic flavors with fresh ingredients and centuries-old techniques. The best-known dishes are espetada (grilled meat skewer), bolo do caco (garlic bread), espada preto (black swordfish) or pudim de maracujá (passion fruit flan).

Beaches and natural pools: Madeira has very different beaches depending on which one you go to. In Seixal, for example, we can enjoy an incredible black sand beach, in Ponta do Sol there are stone beaches and in Machico we can find beaches with imported soft sand. If we prefer natural pools, we can find them in Porto Moniz or Seixal.

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