Register as UAV operator in AESA

Hi everyone! I hope that you are well. In this post I`m going to try to explain in a simple way how to register as a UAV operator in AESA.

This process is mandatory if we want to fly drones like the Mavic 3 PRO. Well, according to European Regulations, it is mandatory that all pilots who use a drone (excluding those considered “toys”) equipped with a camera register as a “Drone Operator”. The registration process is fast, free and can be completed immediately online. Complying with this regulation guarantees compliance with legal requirements and contributes to safety and responsibility in the flight of camera drones.
By complying with this regulation, pilots demonstrate their commitment to established regulations and their willingness to operate drones responsibly. This includes complying with flight restrictions and limitations, respecting restricted areas, avoiding overflights of sensitive areas, and following established security guidelines.

Register as UAV operator in AESA

The first step is to create an account at AESA. For this you will need to have a certificate or digital signature. If you want to register as a drone operator you can click on the following button:

It will take you to the AESA website. Here we will click on the button that says “online procedure” and it will take us to a page where we will have to choose whether to create the account with a certificate or without a certificate. I always recommend doing it with a certificate and from Internet Explorer so that it gives you as few errors as possible.

registro operador de drones

Once registered and once you have filled in all the data, you will be given a UAS operator certificate number and a registration number. This registration number will be your identification number and is valid in any country of the European Union. It is valid for 2 years and before it expires you have to repeat this process again.

IMPORTANT: Your drone must have that operator number on a sticker or a plate.

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